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If you work as a Mechanic / Technician within the Automotive industry we are the experts you need to talk too. We don’t operate like other recruiters. We exist to serve your needs and not those of organisations with skills shortages.

If nothing else be sure that you are being valued correctly for your skills, location and specialism.

Call our office on 0845 319 6000 / 01253 362985 or email your CV too

A selection of Automotive Jobs we are recruiting for:

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Headhunter Group: The automotive recruitment comparison site for the job you really want

Recruitment that puts you in the driving seat? Talk to Headhunter.

Put your CV to most recruitment agencies for car, HGV, PSV, fleet and plant dealerships and you’ll find the focus is on filling staffing gaps. That may work for the recruiter and the client, but it doesn’t offer the best opportunity for you.

Headhunter works the other way around. Because when we start with you, we get better results for everyone.

We’re not like other automotive recruiters...

Headhunter is a bit like a price comparison site for the job you’ve always wanted. First we learn about you, your history, your experience and your ambitions. Then we go out and find the dealers that match your criteria and want to meet you.

Your Headhunter agent presents you with all the available opportunities – all live right now and wishing to interview. You simply decide which one is best for you.

  • We serve you and the dealerships. In that order.
  • We work harder to find your ideal role, because we’ve done our homework first. We’ve got the contact details of every manager at every site, UK-wide, on speed dial.
  • We’re completely impartial – when you’re happy that an opportunity is right for you, we’re happy

It’s simple really. Automotive recruitment where you’re in the driving seat – because no-one’s better placed to take charge of your recruitment than you.

Call us now on 0845 319 6000 / 01253 362985 and see what we can do for you, or send your CV to