Legal Recruitment

Think all legal recruitment is the same? We have an objection…

Where are the people who can help take your business forward? Where is the niche specialist, the reliable family solicitor or the infallible legal secretary? You want exceptional, but exceptional doesn’t sit on a list in your average UK legal recruitment agency.

That’s where we come in.

Headhunter is the legal recruitment specialist. We don’t find people quite like anyone else because we don’t recruit quite like anyone else. Our Intelligent Matching System does far more than match legal skills and experience. It helps us find the niche, the expert, the leaders and the loyal.

Then we take the old fashioned route to ensuring that the people we recommend are a perfect match for your business: we talk to them.

Find the right people for your law practice

Exceptional doesn’t come to you. You have to go out and find it – and we know where.

So whether you need to complement your team with skills in expanding fields such as technology or intellectual property law, or need someone you can rely on to keep the practice running like clockwork, we’ll find them for you.

Talk to us about adding these top-performing people to your team:

Legal Secretaries Associate Lawyers
Legal Assistants Niche specialists
Paralegals Partners

Legal recruitment made easy – How Headhunter works:

  • Start the hunt: Tell us who you need and where you need them. Set your standards of skill and experience and tell us the salary you expect to pay.
  • The right people, fast: We use the Intelligent Matching System to target the types of people you’ll want to see.
  • Checked, verified, filtered: We brief every potential candidate, verify their suitability, and check that their location, aspirations and salary expectations match yours.
  • Ready for interview: We’ll handle all interview arrangements, so the only time you need to get involved is when it’s time to select the right candidate.

Find the people to fit the positions that really matter. Talk to Headhunter.